Xlibris is a self-publishing platform and a POD (print on demand) printer, founded in 1997 and based in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a subsidiary of Author Solutions Inc (acquired in 2009)[1]. The name is a derivation of the Latin term ex libris, which means "from the library of". By January 2020, Xlibris claimed to have worked with more than 60,000 authors.

Parent companyAuthor Solutions
Country of originUnited States
Key peopleAndrew Phillips CEO
Publication typesBooks
Official websitewww.xlibris.com

Business ModelEdit

Most self-publishing providers offer a basic, no-frills service: they will publish a preformatted book on their platform at minimal cost, making their profit from commission on sales of the published book. They may offer additional services, but these are not compulsory, and authors will often choose to use third-party editors, designers and marketing services instead.[2]

Xlibris does not offer a basic option. It specializes in offering an all-in-one service, whereby authors must pay upfront for a package of enhanced services, the cheapest of which is over $800. This has led to accusations that Xlibris and its parent, ASI are a vanity press[3][4].

Status as a vanity pressEdit

Within the industry, definitions of what constitutes a vanity press differ widely. While Xlibris does charge its authors a substantial upfront fee, it points to the important fact that ownership of the book remains with the author and that it does not force the author to buy copies of the book.


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