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William M. Branham

William M. Branham (1909–1965) was an American Christian minister and faith healer who initiated the healing revival movement after World War II and left a lasting impact on televangelism and the modern Charismatic movement. After claiming to have received an angelic visitation on May 7, 1946, Branham launched his worldwide ministry and campaigning career in June. His inter-denominational meetings were the largest religious meetings that had ever been held in some American cities. Branham was the first American deliverance minister to successfully campaign in Europe. His ministry reached global audiences with major campaigns held in North America, Europe, Africa, and India. Crowds were drawn to his stories of angelic visitations and reports of miracles happening at his meetings. His ministry spawned many emulators and set in motion the broader healing revival that later became the modern Charismatic movement. (Full article...)

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